Get Your Beard Ready For Winter


Winter is almost here, and with it brings dryness for your beard. That means it’s time to switch up your beard routine, and keep your beard protected from the harsh elements. The key to achieve maximum protection and comfort this winter is beard balm.

My secret every year starting in October, is cutting back on the beard oil and going heavy on the balm. I don’t ditch the oil completely, but I drastically cut down on how much I use. I also try to wash my beard every other day, to keep the natural oils in my beard longer. If I eat something that gets food all over my beard, then obviously I have to wash it.

So when I get out of the shower I put about half the beard oil I usually use in. Then I put a thick layer of balm on - usually around double than what I would normally use. In the morning I cut out the oil completely and use another layer of balm. I will use the normal recommended amount in the morning. Then throughout the rest of the day I carry my balm and my beard comb with me to apply when needed. 

Give this method a try this winter, this is what I’ve found to work best for me - and beard on brothers.

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