Forced To Shave Your Beard

One of our most common customer emails every month is “I was forced to shave my beard”. It can be a very tough decision to make such a change in appearance. While beard acceptance is becoming more widespread, it is still our number one customer service topic.

Being forced to shave almost always comes from one of two sources - a boss or a significant other. Weddings and funerals are another common reason for shaving, or taking a lot of length off of your beard. From personal experience, it was a funeral for me. It was the first time in years I had been completely clean shaven, and it was a big shocker. You have to decide what is more important, and for the sake of this blog I’m going to assume you hit a moment like I did and either shaved it clean, or trimmed significantly.

The biggest issue, especially when it is a boss forcing you to do it for a job - is the lack of feeling in control of your decisions. It’s easy for some to say look for another job, but that isn’t very realistic in the world today - and that can make it even more frustrating. If you did it for a significant other, there is always room to work on communication - and peacefully get the point across that it is alright to have awesome facial hair. If you are like me and lost it due to a life event, as soon as it’s over get back to growing.

Sometimes there is no alternative, and it has to go. You aren’t the first to have to shave it off, beards grow back. You grew it once, and you can grow it again - beard on brothers.

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