5 Reasons Having A Beard Will Make Your Life Better

We already know that having a beard is awesome. If you need more convincing here's five reasons having a beard is going to make your life better.
1. Beards Are More Masculine
If appearing more masculine is something your are looking to achieve, growing a beard is a good place to start. According to a study done by Evolution and Human Behavior, both men and women found men with beards to be more masculine.


2. Beards Save You Time

According to Dr. Herbert Mescon the average beardless man with spend 3,350 hours in a lifetime shaving. Think of all the awesome stuff you can do with all that time, just by having a beard.

3. Beards Keep You Warm

This one is pretty self explanatory. Every guy that has ever shaved off their beard in the fall or winter knows how terrible it feels that first time you walk outside.

4. Beards Can Slow Aging

A study published by Radiation Protection Dosimetry found that your beard can block out 90-95% of UV rays. This is going to prevent wrinkles, and cut down on chances of skin cancer.

5. Beards Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Men who keep their faces clean shaven, need to use products to keep their skin from getting dry. Between the natural oils produced by your face, and using beard oil daily - your skin underneath your beard is going to stay super smooth.

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