What is beard oil and how to use it


Beard oil is a essential addition to your bathroom regimen. Most men wash and condition their hair but forget all about their beards.

Our beard oil is a natural blend of organic oils that help penetrate the hair follicle conditioning your beard from the inside out. Beard oil not only provides you with a dapper beard, it also provides great skin benefits for your skin under your beard. It helps keep your skin well hydrated and flake free which is a huge plus since that skin doesn't get the attention it needs otherwise.

Adding oils to your beard help with general itchiness and beard-druff that can happen from your skin drying out underneath your beard. It will also help keep each shaft of hair in your beard stay as healthy as possible. Beard hair is just like the hair on you head, it gets dry and split ends. Beard oil penetrates your beard hair down to the follicle and starts there to strengthen and grow each individual hair. In turn, your beard will start to look groomed, smooth, and touchable!

To apply your beard oil, you simply apply a few drops onto the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and apply the oil to your beard. Focus some attention to the skin under your beard as well. You want to make sure you distribute the oils across your entire beard. A boar brush is perfect to use to evenly distribute not only our oils but your natural oils. We recommend using oils daily especially during the colder months. Also, if you notice you're getting greasy, you are using too much oil. Minimize the amount of drops used and try again.

In addition to beard oil, there are other great products you can use to enhance your grooming experience. We have a beard balm that is used after you use oil that provides a light hold to keep those stray hairs in place while providing extra conditioning. We also provide a natural, organic beard wash that is excellent to use in place of shampoo. Shampooing can actually cause your beard to dry out more. Our beard wash is made with natural oils that help keep your moisture in place and in return, keeps your beard looking sweet!

Beard products are a great way to start growing a beard or keeping your beard looking it's best! Check out our catalog and see what product is right for you! We are always around to help you make your choices and help with general beard questions. Beards are a growing trend these days, make sure yours is looking amazing!

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